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Job Locations US-NJ-Montclair
A family in Montclair, NJ is looking for a long-term, full-time, live-out, housekeeper/cook. The family includes the mother, father, 3-year-old girl, and 4-month-old baby boy. They have two dogs. The family is not offering relocation so only local candidates will be considered. The housekeeper/cook must have experience working in a private home, especially a home with young children. This person should know how to be safe since they have a toddler and an infant (i.e. not leave cleaning products out, leave the door to the stairs shut; tucks in chairs, etc.). The housekeeper/cook will be responsible for cleaning the home, making beds, doing laundry (including garment care, ironing, steaming, hand washing, stain removal, all as needed), vacuuming, dusting, cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning kitchen (dishes and cleaning), food delivery organization (empty bags, store food in proper organized places, recycle packaging), managing household inventory, running errands occasionally, and keeping the home organized. This person will also do light meal prep (washing and cutting vegetables to store in the refrigerator for cooking or snacks), and will cook one meal per day (can be lunch or dinner). The family does not eat meat or dairy. Overall, they are looking for someone who is friendly, kind, communicative (open to feedback) and organized- a self-starter who can independently take it upon theirself to stay busy doing productive, helpful tasks for the family. You should be respectful of family's privacy and can remain in the background (quiet, somewhat inconspicuous), have positive energy (upbeat), be flexible (to adapt to their needs as they arise), organized, and tidy (a must), prompt (must be on time and able to follow schedule and keep time), and passionate about your work! This is a young family who need someone to help keep their home running smoothly, efficiently, and orderly. The right candidate will have the right energy and be positive, have a can-do attitude to help and enjoy being around young children and dogs. The housekeeper/cook should also be able to travel domestically and internationally. The family usually travels to Miami during the school year sometimes and Europe for 3-4 weeks during summers. You must have a valid U.S. Passport and be willing and able to travel. When not traveling with the family, they may ask for this person to house and dog-sit. It would be a major bonus for the family if you have childcare experience, or experience raising your own children. The mother would like someone who can watch the children while she steps away for a call, or needs to run an errand. Hours will ideally be Monday through Friday, 10am-7pm, with a one-hour lunch break. The family is offering a monthly medical stipend, PTO, paid sick/personal days, main federal holidays paid, and a performance-based yearly bonus. The housekeeper/optional cook must have their valid drivers' license and must have their own car. The housekeeper/cook must be COVID, TDAP, and Flu vaccinated. If interested, apply to VV266. 
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Job Locations US-NY-Sag Harbor
A lovely family in Sag Harbor is looking for a nanny/family assistant for their two middle-school-aged children. The role could be live-out for candidates who live locally to Sag Harbor or could be live-in 3-4 nights per week for candidates who live further. The schedule will be Monday through Friday, 12pm-8pm except one day per week when the Mother goes into the office and requires the nanny to stay overnight the night prior to get up early with the children as she will leave very early morning. This one day per week is usually midweek and will require you to get the children up and dressed for school, prepare breakfast for them, and take them to school.   The children are in school during the day, so the hours 12pm-3pm will be spent doing children's laundry, preparing snacks, packing activity/gym bags, meal prep, unpacking groceries, loading the dishwasher, and managing the family calendar. After school, the main responsibilities will include picking the children up from school, engaging with the children, taking them to various activities, helping with homework, and communicating with the parents regarding the childrens' progress. The ideal candidate will be upbeat, warm, and able to assist with middle-school-level homework. You must be able to drive for this role. If the nanny is fluent in Spanish, that is a huge plus! The family is offering $35-$45/hour. If you meet all the requirements listed, please apply to GM579.
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Job Locations US-NY-Garrison
A busy family of five in Garrison, NY is seeking a nanny to begin working with them any time before July. The summer schedule will be Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, and during the school year the schedule will vary but full-time hours will be guaranteed.   The family has 3 children ages 9, 6, and 3-years-old. Job duties for this role include everything related to the children, such as keeping their room and belongings neat and tidy, child-related laundry, and children's meal prep. During the school year there will be some family assistant tasks such as light housekeeping, errands, and meal prep. The nine-year-old girl has high functioning Autism and the family prioritizes caregivers who have experience in this area. This family is positive, communicative, organized, and flexible, and would love to find a nanny who shares these traits and values. The ideal candidate for this role will be professional, proactive, and truly invested in the children's well-being.  The family does travel during the year, and they would love to find a nanny who is excited to travel with them. Driving is required for this role, and the ability to swim and supervise children in the water is ideal. There is a dog in the home so you must be comfortable working around pets. Compensation for this role does depend on experience and ranges from $34-$40 an hour. A COVID vaccine is required for this role. If you are legal to work in the US and would like to be considered for this position, please apply to KO256.
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Job Locations US-NY-Armonk
A lovely family in Armonk, NY are seeking a full-time live-out nanny for their two children, ages 2.5-years-old and 3-month-old, to start in April. The ideal schedule will be Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm, with some flexibility.   Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, overall care of the two children, providing fun age-appropriate activities for both ages, keeping up with engagement and making learning fun and part of everyday life, going on walks and encouraging outdoor play, and helping with bath and bedtime. This position will also include preparing meals for the children, as well as child related light housekeeping to help maintain an organized space, including laundry, sanitizing toys, and helping tidy children’s areas and living spaces.    The ideal candidate is looking for a long-term placement, is nurturing, empathetic, engaging, and has enough experience or education background to be knowledgeable in child development and be able to help in their children’s everyday education. Someone who is able to not just manage both children but is also passionate about the work, and can be an encouraging part of their children’s lives. This is a very loving family who views the relationship with the nanny as a friendly partnership and values open communication. Both parents work in and out of the home and strive to make that as easy as possible on everyone involved, and the candidate should be open and able to navigate that as well.   Infant and toddler experience is a must. Candidates must also be able to drive and have a clean driving record, and be flu and COVID vaccinated. Someone who can swim is a plus. There is no current travel, but someone open to traveling with the family in the future would be a plus. The hourly rate depends on experience. If you are interested and are legal to work in the US, please apply to SK068.
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Job Locations US-ME
A fun and loving family with two daughters (ages 7 and 9) is seeking a nanny to join them in Maine from June 15th to July 31st! The schedule will vary but will typically include 5 days per week for 10 hours per day, with the two days off usually falling on weekends. The first two weeks of the contract will be at their home on the “mainland” and the following four weeks will be in a home on an island off the coast. On the mainland, a separate garage apartment will be provided for off-time. On the island, the living accommodations will be in a private bedroom in the family's home. If the candidate is local or semi-local, they can go home on weekends and return Monday mornings.   Job responsibilities will include supervision and engagement of their inquisitive and playful daughters. There is no TV in the home (though there is WiFi) and everything on the island is within walking distance, so no driving will be required. Their activities typically include swimming at the beach, playing board games (Uno is a favorite), and playing tennis. The ideal candidate is active and energetic and can strike a balance between being fun and maintaining authority. This family is thoughtful and kind, so the nanny should be enthusiastic about fully joining their team for the month. If you’re interested, fully vaccinated for COVID, comfortable with a hypoallergenic dog, and legal to work in the US, apply to EB372.
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Job Locations US-CA-Palo Alto
A confidential family in Palo Alto is seeking a full-time math tutor for their two children, aged 8-years-old. The schedule will be a guaranteed 40 hours per week and overtime at the statutory rate after this. These hours will typically fall over 5 days each week, including the weekend, e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or whatever configuration works best for the candidate and enables them the necessary prep time/rest outside of the classroom. But there will definitely be more of a need at weekends since the children attend school during the week.    Responsibilities will include building a strong interest in math, relative to physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science; building a solid foundation in logic thinking, spatial imagination, interpretation and reasoning; enabling the children to achieve top grades and confidently and successfully apply to the most esteemed private schools and Ivy League universities after grade 12 (e.g. MIT, Caltech, etc.), or other top science and engineering universities; involving the students in establishing learning goals by fostering ownership of their educational journey and providing coaching and encouragement as they progress through the goal setting process; teaching them to have patience during the learning process and building their confidence to overcome any challenges that arise. Candidates should be able to act as a role model for the students, teach effective learning habits, and play a key role as an observer, partner, mentor, and champion during the learning process. Other responsibilities will include managing the established team of tutors, so comparable experience is appreciated.    Only those candidates who are fully COVID vaccinated will be considered. Candidates will be required to travel domestically and internationally throughout the year, so you must be able and comfortable doing so. The family are offering an extremely competitive compensation package to the successful candidate, commensurate with their experience. If you are interested and have a US passport, Green Card or EAC, please apply to KP426.
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Job Locations US-MD-Severna Park
A kind family living in Severna Park, MD is seeking a warm and caring nanny for their four-month-old daughter, starting ASAP. The hours for this position will be Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, though the days and hours are flexible. The family needs someone 30-40 hours per week and can be flexible depending on the candidates needs.  Duties for this position include all aspects of childcare for the infant, as well as baby laundry, keeping her area tidy and organized, monitoring when her supplies need restocking, and preparing homemade baby food. The family would love to find a nanny who has extensive experience with infants and knowledge about milestones- knowing what is coming next and pro-actively fostering development in those areas. Both parents are working professionals and are easygoing- they are seeking someone who wants to be part of the team and maintain a mutual respect and partnership. The family understands the value of socialization, so they would love to find a nanny who feels the same, and is active and enjoys planning activities and outings for the baby. Mom will sometimes join on these trips so the candidate must be comfortable with that dynamic. The ideal candidate will be engaging, creative, and thoughtful.  A COVID vaccine and booster is required for this role. The ability to swim would be ideal, and a driver's license is required. The family has a dog, so candidates should be comfortable working around pets. If you are legal to work in the US and would like to be considered for this position, please apply to KO252.
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Job Locations US-NY-Brooklyn
A kind and busy family of four in Dumbo, Brooklyn is seeking an all-star full-time nanny/family assistant. The family has two girls, aged 4.5 and 3, and the general schedule is Monday through Friday, either 7am-6pm or 7:30am-6:30pm. Summers are spent at Candlewood Lake in CT, where the kids will attend camp from 9am-3pm. Please only apply if you can spend at-least 4 days per week in CT during the summer season.    Both children are in school for all or a portion of the day. The early portion of the day, 9am-11:30pm, will generally consist of family assistant duties such as children's laundry, grocery shopping, errands, researching and scheduling children's activities, and organizational projects. Children's meal preparation will be required as well. It would be a major plus is this person was willing to make extra food for mom and dad. The first child will be picked up at 11:30am and after 2:30pm the nanny will pick the second one up from school and transport them to extracurriculars as needed, help with homework, and enjoy games and outdoor recreation.  The family is seeking a nanny who understands children and can foster an environment with a great balance of fun and structure. The ideal candidate for this role will be proactive, responsible, firm, and kind. The ability to speak Spanish is a major plus.  This position requires a driver's license and the ability to swim. The family is open to providing a car for work use if needed. A COVID vaccine is required for this position as well. Compensation for this role does depend on experience and ranges from $30-$32 per hour. If you are legal to work in the US and would like to be considered for this role, please apply to KO253.
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Job Locations US-NY-Upper East Side
A busy couple on the Upper East Side is looking for a full-time, live-out housekeeper. The schedule will be Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm - subject to change depending on whether the principals are in the home. You will be required to work 3-4 Saturdays per year and occasionally work later hours for Jewish holidays. You will NOT be required to go to the Hamptons during summer and must maintain the Manhattan home while the principals are away, but you will occasionally be asked to cover a Hamptons housekeeper for 3-4 days/year in summer. There is a full-time chef and second housekeeper in the home, so you must be comfortable working on a team. This is a formal home, so experience working in a formal, fully staffed home is highly preferred.    The main responsibilities will be deep cleaning of the large home, all laundry and ironing for the home, managing vendors and contractors associated with the home, running errands, ensuring the home is properly stocked, taking inventory, organizing pantries and closets, answering phones, greeting guests and visitors, and ensuring the home is ready for the family's arrival at all times. There is a medium sized dog in the home, so you must be comfortable with dogs. The couple are looking for someone who is organized, energetic, and wants to stay with them for the next 20 years. This role offers $35-$50/hour with flexibility and full health insurance coverage. If you are legal to work in the US and are interested in this role, please apply to GM578.
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Job Locations US-CT-Westport
A loving family of four in Westport, CT is seeking a local, live-out nanny to help after school with their two children, who are eight and nine-years-old. Ideally, the schedule will be Monday through Friday from 3pm-7pm, about 20 hours guaranteed per week. If more hours are needed, or this needs to be a full-time position, this can be arranged for the right person. The successful candidate must be comfortable helping with homework and cooking. The family would love a candidate open to traveling with them domestically and internationally for vacations.  Being open to occasional evenings, overnights, or weekends when needed is a plus!  You must be legal to work in the US, have a US Passport, Green Card, or EAC, and be fully vaccinated to apply for this role. If you are interested in this position, please apply to KS485.
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Job Locations US-NY-Upper East Side
A fun and loving family of three on the UES of NYC is seeking a nanny to join them. They are flexible on the schedule and hours but ideally it would be Monday through Friday, 1pm - 7pm.  The child is 3-years-old and in school daily until 1pm.  Parents both work from home.  You must be legal to work in the US, have a US Passport, Green Card, or EAC, and be fully vaccinated to apply for this role.  The range for the role will be dependent on experience.  $30-$35/hr net.  If you are interested in this position, please apply to KS476.  
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Job Locations US-RI-Jamestown
A private couple are seeking a superlative live-in or live-out housekeeper for their home in Jamestown, RI. Their current housekeeper of 20 years is retiring in April, so they would like to hire a candidate as soon as possible in order for them to receive a comprehensive handover and set them up for success. The schedule will be 40 hours per week, likely 8/9am-4/5pm, Monday through Friday. Responsibilities will include maintaining their main home (around 10k square foot), and outbuilding (known as “the Barn” - around 2-3k square foot).    Responsibilities will include deep cleaning to an extremely high standard, laundry, ironing, steaming/pressing, dry cleaning runs, and ordering items off Amazon (replenishing inventory/cleaning equipment etc.). No travel or cooking are required for this role (there is a private chef, and though the couple travel collectively for up to 3 months of the year, they will not require the housekeeper to join them, though will guarantee their hours). There is a separate apartment on-site for those candidates who require a live-in arrangement.   This role would suit an individual who enjoys nature and the outdoors, quiet time and working autonomously. The client values high EQ, discretion, professionalism, and longevity. Candidates must drive, and have a clean driving record and current driving license. Only those candidates who are fully COVID vaccinated will be considered. A competitive compensation package is being offered to the successful candidate. If you are interested and have a US passport, Green Card or EAC, please apply to KP425.
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Job Locations US-NY-Financial District
A family in the financial district is looking for a Russian-speaking nanny for their toddler son. The candidate must be fluent in both Russian and English. They are very flexible on the start date. The position would start as a part-time role (20 hours per week), transitioning to possibly more hours if need be. The ideal schedule would be Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am-7pm. Being flexible on Saturday or Sunday (morning or evening, not a full day) is a huge plus! If the toddler is unable to go to school or if the parents request evening/date nights flexibility to add hours is appreciated. The ideal nanny will have toddler experience with a calm and kind demeanor. The position will involve everything related to the baby; cooking for, cleaning up after, feeding, and caring for the child.  The salary range for the role is $30-40/hr DOE.  You must be legal to work in the US, have a US Passport, Green Card, or EAC, and be fully vaccinated to apply for this role. If you are interested in this position, please apply to KS482.
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Job Locations US-NY-Upper West Side
A professional young family of four on the Upper West Side is seeking a top tier house manager/personal assistant to join their team. The general work schedule is Monday through Friday, 40-50 hours per week, but this position requires a 24/7 mentality and flexibility. This is primarily an on-site role, and candidates should be prepared to work in person at the family home.    Job duties will include a mix of personal assistant and house manager tasks, such as hiring and training staff, overseeing household projects and renovations, making appointments and managing schedules, tracking inventory, sorting mail and shipping packages, supervising outside vendors, and setting up household systems. The role also includes coordinating with designers, party planners, and travel agents on various projects. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, detail oriented, efficient, and a team-player, and will have a "buck stops here" mentality.  This position requires a COVID vaccination. The family is seeking the best-of-the-best, and are offering a competitive rate of $150,000-250,000 depending on experience, and full health benefits. If you would like to be considered for this role and are legal to work in the US, please apply to AS397. 
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Job Locations US-NY-Upper East Side
A high profile couple are seeking a superlative live-in chef to work between their homes in New York (UES) and Jamestown, RI. The schedule will incorporate lunch (12:30pm, served from time to time) and dinner (7:30pm, served), and will typically be Friday through Tuesday, with Wednesday and Thursday off each week. The role will be split between the principals’ homes in Manhattan (typically Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and Rhode Island (typically Friday, Saturday, Sunday). The principals generally spend the entire summer in Rhode Island, where the candidate will be provided separate housing on their 8-acre estate, complete with a newly renovated chef kitchen for their sole use (with stunning views!). They will also provide a studio apartment to the candidate in Manhattan when they are on duty, and will cover transport back and forth to Jamestown, RI.    The candidate will be required to accommodate lactose intolerance (one of the principals only), and the couple describe themselves as “foodies” but are health/weight-conscious, so prefer light, fresh, nutritious meals (salads, soups, low sugar- agave only- lean poultry and fish etc.). Collectively, the couple probably spend 3 months of the year traveling, and do not require the chef to join them, but will guarantee the candidate's salary during this time. The summer (June, in particular) is generally the busiest month, with family (including children) visiting.    Candidates must be professional, passionate and discrete, with previous experience working in formal, fully-staffed homes. This role would best suit someone who enjoys peace and quiet/ nature. Candidates must drive, and have a clean driving record and valid driving license. Only those candidates who are fully COVID vaccinated will be considered for this role. A highly competitive compensation package is available to the successful candidate - their current chef has been with them for 21 years and is leaving in April, but will happily provide a comprehensive handover to the candidate. If you are interested, with a US passport, Green Card or EAC, please apply to KP423.
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Job Locations US-NJ-Princeton
A kind and loving family in Princeton, NJ is seeking a full-time live-out nanny for their two sons, ages 3.5-years-old and 4-months-old. The schedule is very flexible and will be determined by the candidate's availability but would ideally be anywhere from 35 to 50 hours per week, 5 days per week. This support can be provided on any days of the week (weekends or weekdays) and candidates can provide their preferences during application. The candidate can either drive their car to the family's home in Princeton or take the train to Princeton Junction and be picked up by a parent. Duties will vary with the candidate's skill-set, but will generally involve supporting the mom with one or both children and helping keep the family's life and home running smoothly. As in any home with two young children, there are a multitude of tasks to be completed each day, from meal prep to pick-ups and drop-offs, to dishes, to playing at the playground, and beyond. Mom is hoping to find a partner with a no-job-too-small attitude to be another set of hands. The 3-year-old attends school a few days per week and is on a consistent nap and eating schedule. The ideal candidate is easygoing and helpful. There will be some occasions when dad is traveling and mom might need longer hours for a few days, so someone with a bit of flexibility would be a plus. Trustworthiness and commitment to childcare are the most important traits in the potential nanny. Someone who is passionate about childcare and is excited to engage with two young children will do best in the role. If you're interested and are legal to work in the US, apply to EB366.
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Job Locations US-PA-Philadelphia
A busy family of four in Philadelphia is looking for a full-time, live-out nanny for their two daughters, aged 1 and 3-years-old. The schedule will be Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm. This is a vegetarian home, so the parents would prefer that no meat is brought into the home. The family has 2 fully trained house rabbits, so you must be comfortable with rabbits in the home. The eldest child has a few allergies, so you must be comfortable using an EpiPen. The home is set up to avoid any contact with these allergens and the parents will train the nanny, but you must be mindful of allergens when out and about with the children.    The main responsibilities will include taking the eldest child to preschool, engaging with the children, preparing snacks, maintaining nap schedules, completing laundry for the children, picking the eldest child up from preschool, going to the park, preparing simple meals for the children, and monitoring and fostering developmental milestones. The family will occasionally travel to Miami and NYC for business and would love it if the nanny could travel with them. You must be able to drive for this role to do pre-school runs and any occasional child-related appointments that the parents cannot make. The ideal candidate will be a nanny who is truly passionate about their job and wants to stay with a family long term. The parents are looking for someone who will go down the slide with the children at the park, not just sit and watch from a bench. The parents are looking for a partnership, so open communication will be key. The family are offering $35-$40/hour for the right candidate. If you are interested in this position and are legal to work in the US, please apply to GM576. 
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Job Locations US-CA-Hollywood Hills
A high-profile celebrity family in the Hollywood Hills is seeking a part-time housekeeper. The schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:30am-5:30pm for a total of 21 hours per week.   The home is 6,000 sq. ft. and there are 5-bedrooms and 8-bathrooms. Only 2 of the bedrooms are mainly used and some of the bathrooms just need cleaning once per week. No cooking will be involved in this role. The family does ask that the housekeeper feed the dogs (2 Weimaraners) once per day, do laundry (including bedding; some clothing is done by dry cleaning), let vendors in, and it would be a bonus if the housekeeper can do some childcare as well as they have a 2.5-year-old son.   The client will want to initially interview candidates in person at the home and not over Zoom or phone. The pay for this role is $300/day and the housekeeper receives a 30-minute lunch when working. You must be legal to work in the US and have a US Passport, Green Card, or EAC to apply for this role. If you are interested in this position, please apply to HN138.
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Job Locations US-NY
A single professional is seeking an AV technician to manage Lutron, Crestron and AV systems across his properties in the City and East End. The schedule will generally be 40 hours per week, with flexibility required in the event that assistance is needed out of hours.   The technician must be able to troubleshoot any and all tech related issues. Responsibilities will include performing advanced work at residences before the principal’s arrival to ensure everything is functioning as it should, maintaining meticulous records for settings, lighting levels, app organization, and required functionality, and providing a seamless tech experience for the principal, his guests and the staff. Candidates must have programming experience and capability, and fluency with Lutron, Crestron, Apple and Sonos. Theatrical lighting/sound experience is a huge plus.   Only those candidates who are fully COVID vaccinated will be considered. A base salary of $80-$100k is being offered to the successful candidate, as well as medical, dental, vision, and a 401k. If you are interested, with a US passport, Green Card or EAC, please apply to KP422.
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Job Locations US-NY
A full-time janitor/caretaker is sought in NYC. The schedule will typically be Monday through Friday from 9am-4/5pm. The candidate will report to the principal and the chief of staff, and will be responsible for supporting the principal and his three city residences.   Duties include, but are not limited to; supervising and/or assisting vendors with assigned work; regularly checking residential property spaces to identify issues with property structure, hardware, plumbing, HVAC, mechanical failure or breakdowns; performing repairs on company equipment or appliances, detecting and reporting the need for major maintenance repairs; responding to manager’s maintenance requests in a timely and professional manner; small repair plumbing, electrical, and safety systems; conducting performance assessments of company appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, ovens, and coffee makers, etc.; providing direct manager and others in workplace with support and guidance on maintaining their equipment; performing basic tasks including painting and filling crevices, clean facilities, helping with moving items, and managing maintenance repairs; providing support to housekeeping staff; providing janitorial services to the city properties.   Candidates must have the ability to work with hardware tools and power equipment, be extremely organized with good communication skills, be detail-orientated with an aptitude for problem-solving, be a self-starter and able to see projects from start to finish, have an adaptable demeanor, and be able to adjust with little notice. Candidates must also have a high school diploma or equivalent qualification, and a minimum of 2 years’ working experience in a similar role. Only those candidates who are fully COVID vaccinated will be considered. A base salary of $75k-$90k is being offered to the successful candidate, as well as medical, dental, vision, and a 401k. If you are interested and have a US passport, Green Card or EAC, please apply to KP421.
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