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British American Household Staffing strives to find candidates roles, which are likely to result in long-term job fulfillment. This is achieved through a careful understanding of candidates' career history and aspirations.



a) For those interested in submitting their resume for consideration by British American Household Staffing, please apply via 'BAHS 001 GENERAL APPLICATION'



b) For those interested in a specific position, please click on the job and apply through that page. Note: Your resume will still be considered for other positions that we have.


Here are our current job openings. Please click on the job title for more information, and apply from that page if you are interested.

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AM094 AM094 - Live-In Infant Nanny - NYC US-NY
PS098 PS098 - Weekend Housekeeper - Midtown/Rye US-NY-Midtown
SM037 SM037 - Full Time Chef - SF Bay Peninsula US-CA-San Francisco
PS097 PS097 - Domestic Couple - Manhattan/Palm Beach US-NY-Manhattan
WP299 WP299 - Baby Nurse - UES US-NY-Upper East Side
AF064 AF064 - FT LI/LO Nanny - Paris, France FR
KR368 KR368 - Part Time Nanny - Park Slope US-NY-Park Slope
AF063 AF063 - FT LI House Manager/Cook - Kent, UK UK-London
PS096 PS096 - Part-Time Nanny - Dumbo US-NY-Brooklyn
WP298 WP298 - Live-In Nanny - Westchester US-CT-Westchester
WP296 WP296 - Part-Time Career Nanny - UES US-NY-Upper East Side
WP295 WP295 - Full-Time House Manager - Tribeca US-NY-TriBeCa
AF062 AF062 - FT Live-Out Housekeeper - FL & NY US-FL-Palm Beach
WP294 WP294 - Part-Time Housekeeper - Tribeca US-NY-TriBeCa
AM093 AM093 - Full-Time Weekend Nanny - SOHO US-NY-TriBeCa
WP293 WP293 - Full-Time Chef - UWS US-NY-Upper West Side
WP292 WP292 - Part-Time Nanny - UWS/Upstate NY US-NY-Upper West Side
WP291 WP291 - Morning Part-Time Nanny - Westchester, NY US-NY-Westchester
WP300 WP300 - Full-Time Housekeeper - NYC US-NY
PS095 PS095 - Weekend Housekeeper - UES US-NY-Upper East Side